Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can i use human body wash to wash a dog?

This is my female two month old Siberian Husky and I really need to wash her because shes really dirty, and I am wondering if I can use human body wash to wash my dog.Can i use human body wash to wash a dog?
special pet shampoo is better.

if nothing else, rinse her off well and brush her out.Can i use human body wash to wash a dog?
If you have pro-v-panteen shampoo and conditioner use that it make them smell good and the conditioner helps to keep the dirt off . That what the groomers use here .Try it and see what you think if you do'nt like it then try dawn dish soap .
Use dawn dish soap if your not going to use pet shampoo like the other girl said. It has to be okay because thats what vets say to use to get rid of fleas on kittens and puppies if they aren't old enough to get medicated.
i dont think you can but i like to use dog wash because it has the fatty acids and vitamins that are realy good for dogs. I Use Pro Pet.
I would not, go to a vet and buy a good dog shampoo and dilute it down and use that
I wouldn't reccomend it. Special dog shampoo is gentler on their skin.
no you can not wash your Siberian husky with human body wash things ! would you wash your self with dog washing things NO so do wash your dog with human washing thing cuz its not a human its a dog if you go to the shops you can buy dog washing things OK !
no... but u can use shampoo wil low fragrences... but it is much better to use doggy shampoo
I always used 'baby shampoo' on my dog. I assumed it would be more gentle than other shampoos as it is formulated for delicate skin.
Use Dawn dish soap. It's mild and that's why a lot of people use it.
If I Were You I Would'nt, It Could Cause Her To Have Dead Skin, Shedd, And MABY Make Her Sick...*~鈾*



  1. Well you can use mane and tail for both yourself and the dog...

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